{ A Trip in Three & Seven }

{ A Trip in Three & Seven }

So when my oldest gives me the look (see above), I know that I will be unable to get these two together for a formal portrait today. Or maybe the next either. Or maybe until they turn 22.

In the meantime, I will persevere. I will take their photographs however they will let me. Because you know what? That is the truest picture of our life in this moment. The quirk of her eyebrows, the Muppet frown, that mischievous twinkle in her eye? That’s all her.

Do I yearn for a beautifully dressed, coordinated, perfect location and heavenly, smiling children? Sure. (“Come on guys, just play nice for a minute, okay? You could just pretend that you aren’t aware of all the tricks up my sleeves?”) And I do have that from them. But not this time. And that’s okay.

Take a minute, step back, and see beauty as it lies… in our hearts, and in our lives, in every moment. Especially the unscripted ones.

I’ll get them in dresses next year.

–Kathryn@The Artsy Rooster Studio

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