[ The 150-day Project ] Days 1-62

[ The 150-day Project ] Days 1-62

Day 62 of 150.
Editing this week all of the Holiday Sessions, but also personal photos from the holidays… really makes me grateful that I am able to capture these memories. It’s been a long year, but, here at the end of it, let’s not dwell on disappointment. Let’s celebrate the good.¬†ūüėČ
This was a Self-Portrait, Day 16 of the challenge. I started with just myself on the couch, and, one by one, the littles gathered into the shot. While this final shot was not my original goal, it is certainly the most impactful of the captures. ¬† –Kathryn


Day 61 of 150.
Getting back into the swing of life after the holidays can be tough. .. but it’s been an awesome day working & editing! Tomorrow I will be all caught up! You can expect daily posts from me again! Today’s inspiration? That feeling you get when you know everything is clean, finished, and accounted for!
Whoop! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 60 of 150.
Self-Portrait No.13 “Grey on Grey”
My littlest is still very interested in having her photograph taken, and whenever I set up my camera, she flocks like a cat to tuna fish. I told her if she wanted to click the remote for my portraits, she could take her own photograph after. She was thrilled ;-). And this photograph was set up by me, but directed & snapped by my 5 yr old.
Share your passions! You might be surprised by what comes back! ¬† –Kathryn


Day 59 of 150.
Still catching up on a few sessions’ worth of editing this week… here’s an amazing, adorable, lovable, little girl, with a sense of style! Most adorable image I’ve edited in a while, and that’s saying something. In a rocky road of a day, a smile like this can restore your sense of humor.¬†ūüėČ ¬† –Kathryn


Day 58 of 150.
Much of my creativity right now is focused on the Self-Portrait Challenge, sorry if you get tired of seeing my face! This is Day 11 from the challenge, still playing with fur, because fur is fun! But I can’t decide which edit I prefer… A color, soft-toned image, or the dark, brooding image.
Maybe both. It certainly shows what a big difference edit style can make! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 57 of 150.
Another from my self-portrait challenge. Here’s Day 10!
Inspired by White Christmas, and all of the old black & white films on this time of year. Playing with vignette a little bit, and texture on texture, white on white. ¬† –Kathryn


Day 56 of 150.
Back to editing!! Here’s my self-portrait challenge Day 8 photo collage for your viewing pleasure. I made these props a few years ago, but they will never grow old (and I have never done a self-portrait with them)!
Make a note: Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t forget to have fun! Here’s hoping that all you people out there are dealing with holiday madness are retaining your sense of humor!

*muah!* ¬† –Kathryn


Day 55 of 150.
Inspiration: Brought to you by another day of enforced non-computer time, lol!
I read “The Graveyard Book” yesterday, and of course I loved it. The characters are so cool, and I think they will prove to be a source of a new project or two! ¬† –Kathryn


Day 54 of 150.
Had to take a few days off the computer this week… Snow Days, school concerts, client sessions, family gatherings… but I’m back! Playing catch-up!
This is a little sneak peek from this weekend’s session. I am completely in love with these two, and with this gorgeous little redhead on a gold glitter backdrop!! It is my second favorite set of images from the session. (What’s the first? Well, stay tuned my friends!) ¬†–Kathryn


Day 53 of 150.
Another Self-Portrait, inspiration all around me (snow). I think my face says it all… NOT a fan! Lol! But trying to see the beauty in it… thinking about feelings, textures… so incorporated my knitwear cowl & half gloves into the shot, and tried to feel cold. Lol. ¬† –Kathryn


Day 52 of 150.
Today was less about finding inspiration to make art, and more about finding inspiration to make it outside. Fighting a cold, but still, seeing my kids throwing themselves into the snowy hill made me see it again through their eyes. It is rather magical as it falls¬†:-). ¬†–Kathryn

*cue Instagram video here, lol*

Day 51 of 150.
Adding a little bit more to my plate (as if I needed that!), and in the spirit of self-growth, I have joined a 30-day Self-Portrait Challenge with a photography group. I hope to do as many as possible, although I may share only my favorites here. This is Day 1 for this challenge, and I focused on the ideas of strength, empowerment, and self awareness. I wanted focus on form, on shape, so this is not a typical portrait. Stretching muscles, stretching boundaries. ¬†–Kathryn


Day 50 of 150.
Of course I am extremely biased, but these two are soon adorable.  Just a little sneak peek into my portrait session with my niece and nephew. He was a bit reluctant at first, but ended up quite the ham .
Working today on editing these. So much fun! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 49 of 150.
Still working away on the¬†blackbirds… while I hang out at the¬†art fair¬†today. Slow but steady, this piece is really testing my sick-to-it-veness! I will finish it! …….soon…. –Kathryn


Day 48 of 150.
Today I am matting and framing some pieces making their market debut tonight. ..I am loving the chance to finally use this great blue green mat scrap I’ve been hoarding for years! It looks amazing on Bob, the Night Owl.¬†ūüôā
This week had really been about getting (finding) that “pop” in a piece, through color (but not always), through texture, through light (always). And if I don’t see it, I make it. ¬†–Kathryn


Day 47 of 150.
This week I’ve been playing with adding a pop of¬†bold¬†colorinto some of my¬†drawings¬†. Usually I have been more subtle with colors, but I felt bold! Daring! So I started with a caramel¬†prismacolor¬†… and I may add more to my¬†marker¬†jar as time goes by. But for now, I’m super in love with this one. Definitely ready to explore it some more. You’ll see at least two of these at the UICA¬†holiday artists market¬†this Friday & Saturday! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 46 of 150.
This week has been full of¬†drawing, drawing, more drawing, and then a little bit of drawing.¬†¬†Tomorrow will be full of¬†matting,¬†framing, and¬†packing¬†for the Artist’s Market. I’ll try to share another peek at some of the finished work in the morning. This one’s¬†in-progress. But with¬†high hopes! ¬† –Kathryn


Day 45 of 150.
Working hard on finishing some new illustrations for the UICA’s Holiday Artist Market on Dec 1st… finished linework on a whole pile of new pieces today! Even a couple turkeys in honor of thanksgiving.
This is my last post for the week. …. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I’ll see you all on Monday!


Day 44 of 150.
Today (Monday) was all about learning, continuing to learn about myself, my art (photography and otherwise). Keeping my hands busy with a pen & paper, my ears on the CreativeLive videos. I focused on videos that looked at inspiration, on creativity, and on self-value.
Don’t we all need a little of all three? That’s partly what this whole project had been about. Finding them.


Day 43 of 150.
Working my way through Holiday Session Editing this week… Hands down, this was my favorite series of shots from the week! How adorable are they? Seriously? Gotta love a good sense of humor! ūüėČ


Day 42 of 150.
With only a few weeks until the UICA’s Holiday Artists Market, I am determined to finally finish the blackbird piece I’ve been slowly working on (and off) for several years. Slow and steady, and still in-progress. .. my fingers are going to be tired this week! ! But it’ll be worth it. –Kathryn


Day 41 of 150.
Yet another beautiful foggy morning (a dense fog weather advisory in fact!) So off I went to the preserve to snap a few photographs before my day began. Absolutely gorgeous results, these two are only the tip of the iceberg. If I had had more time, I would have brought out a model. So much atmosphere! And very much an inspiration for future shoots!

Day 40 of 150.
Monday was very much a wrap up of my weekend. I got a little creative with a simple holiday backdrop (honestly my favorite to date) for this Sunday’s Mini-Sessions. I had a lot of big ideas, but couldn’t decide on any. In the end, I used a few donated evergreen branches, a little twine, an old branch… and done! Proof that simplicity is usually better! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 39 of 150.
This is the last batch from my foggy morning walk. Today is all about texture. Ups & Downs, bumps & cracks… but maybe, like a tiny bit of clover, we can find our little bit of earth, and grow out of adversity. –Kathryn
P.S. BONUS seek & find my new friend ūüėČ


Day 38 of 150.
The Red Tree.
I love red trees. Especially when they just sit there. A pop of color in a sea of brown and yellow. Today’s thought: Be a pop of color! –Kathryn


Day 37 of 150.
So, this morning (a weekend after the last foggy morning), there was another foggy morning. Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed my big camera, dropped the girls off at the school bus, and ran for the lake! Not only was it gorgeous, but there was an awesome addition: a beautiful grey heron. I am by no means a nature photographer, but I got some great shots from all over the park. ūüėČ Today’s thoughts are all with this guy. Here’s to seizing the moment, and getting rewarded for it! –Kathryn


Day 36 of 150.
This morning, after seeing the gorgeous fog that was hanging about, I ventured outside for a walk. And found this. Unfortunately, being spur of the moment, my big camera was safe at home. But, I have to say, these camera phone pics are quite beautiful!
Two inspirations today…. one, that you have to get out once in a while, and be inspired by the world around you. You can’t just live in your own head! …. two, that beauty isn’t always made by an expensive camera. So take a chance.¬†¬† –Kathryn


Day 35 of 150.
More new sketches, this one (still in progress) has developed a Penny Lane vibe, which I am rather enjoying. Still going to make birds and humorous pieces, but I was trying a little serious inspiration yesterday. ¬†–Kathryn


Day 34 of 150.
…was all about sketching new pieces for the upcoming Holiday show(s). Lots of new pieces brainstormed. Still lots of work to do before show time, but I work great to a deadline! This little guy got his linework laid out, and is totally adorable ;-). Can’t resist a fluffy bee! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 33 of 150.
…also Day 4 of Halloween posts! This is the last of Halloween for the year… much fun to be had, and trick or treating to be done. My inspirations for the day are the creative costumes! ūüėČ ¬† –Kathryn


Day 32 of 150.
…also Day 3 of Halloween posts! Putting my new headpiece to work this weekend. Happy Halloween everyone! –Kathryn


Day 31 of 150.
…also Day 2 of Halloween posts! Kids costumes complete, I have moved on to my own! Doe headpiece and tail turned out wonderfully, and are well worth the hot glue burns. The faux suede and faux fur are gorgeous! Best part is, these will be beautiful photo props!! ¬† –Kathryn


Day 30 of 150.
…also Day 1 of Halloween posts! My favorite holiday had been rather rushed this year, but, with a few days left, I am finishing up creating costumes! Felt and hot glue were my companions tonight, and my old friends, burns on my fingertips, are present also. Lol. Yay crafty stuff! And yay halloween!¬†¬† —¬†Kathryn


Day 29 of 150.
Well, it was my plan today to go out and photograph some of the beautiful color around my house this morning. But since we woke up to a dark, rainy morning, I went looking through older photographs to give me inspiration for today’s drawings. I found these beautiful shots of wood rings… one (left) newly cut, still waiting to receive its new purpose… and one (right) already made into a new thing and living its second life out in the world. The texture in these is just mesmerizing to me today. Will try to incorporate that in some pieces! ¬† –Kathryn


Day 28 of 150.
Forgive the late night Phone Camera Pic… however, my little bit of inspiration/insight for today is my daughter’s crafty corner. I looked over the mess tonight, and thought, why can’t I have one of those neat and tidy corners with cute pockets, and kids who throw away all of their scraps? (Not that my art studio is much better on a daily basis) Then she informed me that none of these ARE scraps. All of them were cut with a purpose. I was making the assumption that, since it was messy, since it was not “beautiful”, that it wasn’t art.

But to her- it was. Every “scrap” on this table was a piece of something bigger. It wasn’t trash at all.
Something to think about today. ūüėČ –Kathryn


Day 27 of 150.
The weekend was spent with chalk. .. currently made for a¬†girl, but will soon by rebranded for¬†me¬†and the Artsy Rooster Studio for the¬†holiday¬†markets! I still LOVE playing with chalk! ¬†–Kathryn


Day 26 of 150.
When you are trying to test lighting, but there’s no one else around, so you use yourself… and it becomes a full blown selfie session. Lol. This is in no way a fabulous portrait, but does portray the theme for the week– indoor lighting! –Kathryn


Day 25 of 150.
Downloading fonts is decidedly fun. As you can see. And addicting. But I’m sure I can stop anytime I want… after I browse some more. But it’s all for a good cause… searching for a new logo font. –Kathryn


Day 24 of 150.
Currently booking for my Holiday Mini-Sessions! There are only so many available, so if you are interested in family, personal, or newborn portraits for the holidays, call or email me soon!
Getting ready for the holidays, I spent the morning working on new promotional & marketing materials for the photography side of the Studio… very excited about my new Holiday Session flyer. Gorgeous! Also some amazing foil-accent holiday cards are new this year. Can’t wait to get into it! –Kathryn


Day 23 of 150.
New drawings, finishing up a few smaller pieces from the summer, in anticipation of the UICA Holiday Artists Market… and hopefully starting a new larger piece soon!¬†ūüėȬ†This one had been named “Bob, or The Night Owl” by my youngest. ¬†I thought I had ruined it with too thick a marker… but I think the black sky balances that out nicely.


Day 22 of 150.
This is a great week to practice reality. I have this project, which ideally, I should be posting to Monday-Friday. Reality jumps in. And when I can’t keep up as I wanted to, I get disappointed. In myself, in the project. Was I wrong to start this is I can’t keep it up? Well, I’m not giving up. But, I am changing the rules. It’s okay to skip a day. Life happens! We have work, we have obligations… we have family. And as tempting as it is to play catch-up on weekends and evenings, I would rather spend it with people. It’s all about priorities, and about forgiving yourself when you don’t live up to your expectation of yourself. So this day represents this week so far. Feet walking… errands, chores, and family. And, as ever, computer work learning about my new programs, and perfecting my new workflow.
Stay positive, and keep moving forward! ¬† –Kathryn


Day 21 of 150.
My oldest and I began a new¬†book¬†last night. We love¬†the¬†fairyland¬†series, and a section from the first chapter really stood out to me. One more quote drawing for my collection.¬†ūüôā
“…for no one can see themselves change until they have already done it, and then suddenly they cannot remember having been different at all. ” ¬† –Kathryn¬†¬†


Day 20 of 150.
I have been reading¬†books¬†listening to¬†radio¬†& a lot this week… and a lot of¬†words¬†really stuck with me. (As evidenced by my previous post on Day 19.) So I’ve spent some time with the text, and written down the bits, lines,¬†quotes, &¬†soundbites¬†that hit home. Then I wrote them a little nicer. Then I added¬†color. I will share the completed pieces (quotes) tomorrow.¬†ūüôā ¬† –Kathryn¬†¬†


Day 19 of 150.

Walked around ArtPrize yesterday, and I saw a lot of cool art, a lot of which got me thinking.
But my favorite bit was honestly this. A quote on the wall. Not even an art piece. But, when surrounded by such complex forms and ideas, such a simple, clean statement was refreshing. And, of course, its one of my favorite quotes to begin with.¬†ūüėČ ¬†–Kathryn

P.S. Still figuring out my new editing program… put me several days behind again. But! I will carry on! Even if it means using phone camera pics for a few days. ūüėČ


Day 18 of 150.

The Great pumpkin Run. A test of endurance as a runner AND a mother. Lol


Day 17 of 150.

Memories and collages… going through more old pictures and frames… finding hidden pictures in a few. Like a little ballet dancer, labeled “Patti, 1987,” that I may have known when I was small. Who knows where she is now? It’s quite nice to spend time cleaning frames and cutting mats this morning. Only one accident, mended with a “frame shop bandage” of masking tape ūüėČ ¬†And that’s all for today. Just family & memories. —Kathryn


Day 15 & 16 of 150.

Due to technical issues, I have not been able to edit and/or upload photographs, and got set behind a day on my project. So today,while I waited for my new programs to load, I decided to get creative with my catch-up solution. I set up a little still life that represented my life during these past two days, and photographed it.
Day 15 is represented by the subjects; Succulents, Coffee, and Music were high on my list of creative outlets, with an apple thrown in to represent grocery shopping and cooking. I considered a pile of laundry in the background briefly…. but decided against it. Too much reality. lol!
Day 16 is represented here rather invisibly. I uploaded and edited this in my new Lightroom program, which confounded me several times, leaving me searching for a 5 o’clock beer. But, never to be defeated, I managed to regroup and get this online!
Here’s to new things. Salut! ¬†—Kathryn


Day 14 of 150.

I spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend– there was gorgeous sunsets, the summer flowers are still blooming, and I had some great people to photograph. All in all, a good weekend. However, I haven’t been able to edit very much because my PSP (editing software) has decided to crash. So! Looks like I may finally be kicked onto the Photoshop bandwagon by necessity. But in the meantime, I leave you with a small, slightly SOOC, unedited collection of my weekend! –Kathryn

img_6938-1Sunset Silhouette c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLCimg_6943-1img_6955-1

Day 13 of 150.

Since I was so wrapped up in black & white texture yesterday, I decided to focus on color today. So I put together this expanded panorama shot (four separate photographs, hand knitted in PSP). I think I will play around with adding a brighter/bluer skyscape, just for fun… but here is the image without a whole lot of fussing. It’s still pretty vibrant, with misty horizons. I haven’t a lot of experience with sweeping landscapes, so this is a good learning opportunity for me. Unfortunately, I can’t revisit the location to try out different times of day (as I might wish to), but I can certainly play with the editing aspects of the thing. And that sounds like fun. ūüėČ ¬†–Kathryn


Day 12 of 150.

Of all the cool landscape photographs I got on the Oregon coast, this one is my favorite today. The simplicity of the open water, stretching out to the beyond… very tranquil.
This was during sunset, so the color version has beautiful pinks, oranges, and blues. But I love textures in black & white, and this one is just spectacular. I could spend hours just searching the patterns on every wave, just as if I was on the cliff again. –Kathryn


Day 11 of 150.

Editing family photos from the summer… this is from our recent trip, and is my favorite image so far. Moments of genuine sisterly companionship and support can be rarely seen day to day (“She’s touching my paper!” “No, I didn’t!” “Tell her to stop looking at me!” “Why does she always have to sing so loud?”), however, when they do appear, the moment shines. This one made me tear up a little this morning, and I am resolved to try to capture more such moments in the future. –Kathryn


Day 10 of 150.

Busy work day! New Blog up with info on my Winter Art Fairs.¬†[ read here ]¬†Very excited to update my indoor market booth, spent some time sketching ideas. Definitely time to start planning the winter season! –Kathryn


Day 9 of 150.

I’ve been looking at a TON of family portraits (new & old) this weekend. Now that our family room has a fresh coat of paint, all of our family portraits will find a new home. I am dubbing this the Great Family Collage Wall Project of 2016. Today I will be scavenging for more frames, and ordering the most recent portraits of the girls. Then I must wait! lol The waiting is the hardest part! –Kathryn


Day 8 of 150.

Still cleaning studio… first new edition is REAL PEGBOARD! Not just one leaning on the side of the table, but mounted on the wall like an adult! (Thanks to my lovely husband!) Storage solutions are about 50% done, but the workspace is totally functional again. Huzzah! Also, better lighting. Not new, just better location of my hardware store clip lights makes all the difference. Can’t wait to start on my next framing project! –Kathryn


Day 7 of 150.

Inspiration… today, I am inspired by a trip to the library… and then to my own bookshelves. These two beauties are my own (much loved) copies (technically The Secret Garden is my mother’s… but I have been reading it to my daughter). I have always loved book illustrations, especially these types of plates, which are incredible works of art. As an artist, I think a lot of us struggle to convey a story, whether it be one already written, or one we are writing ourselves. I don’t mean that artists are all illustrators… or maybe I do. Some illustrate fairy tales, some life or emotion, ……… or color, shape, form, line. Today’s thought: Illustration for inspiration, or inspiration for illustration? –Kathryn


Day 6 of 150.

I’m still learning how to fill my days (effectively, productively) now that the kiddos are at school. It is extremely easy to forget that I can take a little me time also. So I went for french toast.

Stop and smell the roses! ūüėČ



Day 5 of 150.

Editing babies!!
…are my favorite. They just have such sweet, innocent faces, and this one in particular is such a precious boy! I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to photograph him. The truly amazing part is how fast they grow– I had the honor of photographing him as a newborn (so tiny!), and to see how much he has changed in these few short months is incredible, and I am so thankful for it. That is my word for today, and my endeavor; to be thankful. –Kathryn


Day 4 of 150.

Cleaning Studio!
The summer fairs have left quite the swath of destruction through the studio, and this week is Fall Cleaning!¬†This will be a week long process, so for now, all you get is the “before” shot. So far, two full bags of recycling have left the studio for a better life as something else, for someone else! It’s amazing how fast things pile up… and it doesn’t help when you have a tendency to save everything, just in case ;-). ¬† –Kathryn


Day 3 of 150.

To start off my workday, I have begun an inspiration journal. Every morning I jot down some thoughts, about possible future projects, about the things I could work on today, or just something interesting or inspirational to keep in my thoughts that day. It is my photograph for Day 3 because it really helped shape and direct my workflow yesterday, and I think it will be a valuable tool going forward… if I can keep it up. (I can!) –Kathryn


Day 2 of 150.

The night before, she lost her first tooth! She couldn’t wait to show all her new friends, and her new teacher. With the arrival of the tooth fairy the next morning, it really set the tone for a good second (first full!) day of school! -Kathryn


Now that my youngest is in kindergarten (gasp!) I am going to start a new morning routine.¬†The plan is to share a new photograph, project, artwork, or inspiration piece every day my girls are in school this year… about 150 days!¬†The goal is to jump start creativity, to find inspiration everyday. Not gonna lie, this will be a challenge! But I am up for it. ūüėČ

Let’s start with the first day of school.

Day 1 of 150.

Love it or hate it, the first day of school is all about new beginnings. A first step on a journey, a move towards independence for the littles.

I may or may not be tearing up while writing this.

I wanted to drive them in, to make sure the littlest got where she needed to go. But she wouldn’t hear of that, confident that she could do this all on her own. Her sister was wonderful, ready to help her little sister learn the ropes. I am so proud of both of them! She is frowning in this photograph not because she is sad to go to school (quite the opposite!), but because she is concerned with my standing in the street while I took her photograph. Lol! Anything for the shot, right? Not to worry, no mothers were harmed in the making of this photograph. ¬†-Kathryn


Thanks for reaching the end… this will get longer (much longer) by the time this project is complete!

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