[ The 150-Day Project ] Days 63-present

[ The 150-Day Project ] Days 63-present

Day 79 of 150.
Finally getting back to editing this fun shoot from last month. These have got to be some of my all-time favorites! Lately I have been inspired by tone-on-tone colors and more subtle lighting– this blue on blue is so amazing with her skin!   –Kathryn

Day 79 Blue Starfish & Green Sequins c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 79 of 150.
After a crazy few weeks, I took some time off to go on vacation. Although I’m returning tired, I am also returning to this project with renewed enthusiasm! Today is just about inspirations. This is from one of my favorite books, “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. No image for today, just a quote:

Mrs. Who’s spectacles shone out at them triumphantly, ” And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Take it, and use it to fuel your day, your art. It always gives me hope!    –Kathryn

Day 78 of 150.
Busy week! But here’s what I worked on Wed & Thurs this week for #28tomake Drawing Challenge. Once again #circledrawingfor #inspiration before beginning a new project. I picked the things around me to sketch, and in loving how cute they are. Still about 2″ in diameter, these are small & their own unique #challenge for me. But. .. bring it on! 😉    (phone pics, due to time… will scan in and even out their spacing!)   –Kathryn

Day 78 Second Circle Challenge c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 77 of 150.
Day 8 of #28tomake drawing challenge. Prompt: Blind Contour Self-Portrait.
Dang! I haven’t done one of these since first year art school, lol! Obviously an interesting attempt, but probably not something I’m likely to repeat often! (The feather is my earring lol)   –Kathryn

Day 77 Blind Contour Self-Portrait c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 76 of 150.
My Day 5 of the #28tomake Drawing Challenge. Prompt: Circle Sketches! The idea is to make a bunch of circles, and fill them up with quick sketches or patterns. I loved my mini sketches so much, that I made them into full-fledged mini pieces, complete with detail & color. (Each circle shown is about 2″ in diameter)
This might turn into a thing! I would LOVE to start making more mini-drawings to add to my art booth stock!

Day 76 Circle Sketches Square c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 75 of 150.
Skipped a day posting, here’s my Day 4 #28tomake drawing challenge. Prompt: Your Bag. I went a bit wild with drawing, and ended up with several. Here’s “An Assortment From the Bottom of My Bag” Lol.
This has been quite a good thing for me, I have been spending a LOT of time in front of a computer, and it has been good to feel a good old fashioned #2 under my fingers!
— Kathryn

Day 75 An Assortment from the Bottom of My Bag c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 74 of 150.
Going a bit out of order, here’s Day 5 of the #28tomake drawing challenge, prompt: A Receipt.
(All the pertinent information has been left off or changed, fyi, lol)
This was kind of fun, and a first for me!   –Kathryn

Day 74 A Reciept Drawing c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 73 of 150.
Day 3 of the #28tomake drawing challenge, prompt: Your Favorite Album Cover. I chose an autobiographical/ journal theme, with the first albums that came to mind. Obviously if listed ALL my favs, we would be here till next century! Lol!
I did not get to the color/finishing stages, but maybe someday!  –Kathryn

Day 73 Autobiographical Album Covers c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 72 of 150.
Second day of drawing challenge #28tomake with the prompt of: Houseplant. Meet Pumpernickel, our intrepid Apple Seedling! So far, super fun working on these challenges with other people… my awesome daughter drawing with me made my night!   –Kathryn

Day 72 Pumpernickel the Houseplant c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 71 of 150.
Now that my Self-Portrait Challenge has finished, I have started another Challenge, 28 to Make & Draw Everyday. So here’s Day One of #28tomake . Prompt: Your Drink…. my Coffee To-Go!   –Kathryn
P.S. Thank you to everyone for your support, I know I have so many people behind me as I reach out for more & more new challenges every day.

Day 71 Coffee To Go Draw c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 70 of 150.
A few of my favorites from a fun session at home this week. Spending this week finding new backdrops and playing with reflected lighting. So in loooooove my new floral backdrop!!
And a thank you to my friend for letting me photograph her with some of them!  –Kathryn

Day 70 Flower on Flower Combo c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 69 of 150.
Taking advantage of warmer temps this week to walk around outside in the woods. Wonderful texture giving me great ideas for photo backdrops and new illustrations!
I also love seeing the little bits of green that are persevering through the winter. It gives me hope that there is still green under the surface.   –Kathryn

Day 69 Woods Moss Collage c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 68 of 150.
My favorite photographs from the Women’s March in Grand Rapids, MI this Saturday. It was an honor to participate in a positive manner, in a group of wonderful and supportive people (not just women! Men, families, everyone!). Thank you.    –Kathryn

Day 68 Women's March Collage c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 67 of 150.
Back to photography today! Here’s a little peek into what I’ve been up to with my 30-day Self-Portrait Challenge. I tried to focus on dramatic lighting last week (blame old black & white films like “The Ghost & Mrs.Muir”)… I loved how they turned out, despite myself being the subject, lol! I would LOVE to photograph someone beside myself this way… anyone out there who might want a dramatic portrait??? 😉   –Kathryn

Day 67 Self Portrait Challenge Dramatic Lighting c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 66 of 150.
Since I’m rolling on the illustration train this week, I thought I’d make another Best Nine– This time with my favorite drawings from 2016! Seems like a lot of birds this year, lol! But I’m looking forward to expanding my subject matter this spring. Stay tuned! 😉
Happy Friday you guys!   –Kathryn

Day 66 My Best Nine Illustrations 2016 c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 65 of 150.
Stepping back into illustrator mode… updating my Society6 Shop! It’s been a great reminder of all the new work I’ve done from this past fall. So proud of the direction I’ve taken.  It’s a work in progress, but it’s been great with their updated online system.
The first new piece up is “The Bald Turkey,” who you may remember from November. The original has found a forever home, but I still sell fine art prints online! He looks so dapper in a natural wood frame… 😉

Day 65 The Bald Turkey Framed Art Print c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 64 of 150.
I was inspired by all the Instagram Best 9 Collages to create my own Collage of my favorite images from 2016. It’s always good to see how far you’ve come, it gives you purpose moving forward!  –Kathryn

Day 64 Best of 2016 Collage c The Artsy Rooster Studio LLC

Day 63 of 150
At this, the last day of the year, I’ve been reflecting on how much I have changed, and grown… Here’s my #bestnine2016 from instagram!
Wishing you all the best this year!   –Kathryn

Day 63 Artsy Rooster Studio 2016 best nine

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