{ Three Days of Camping }

{ Three Days of Camping }

Eight kids and three moms? It could have been a total riot.

Three days outside? It could have been a total disaster.

One potty training toddler? It could have been a mess.

But it wasn’t.  It was amazing.

Sure, I was bone-tired by the time the car pulled back into our driveway. But it was worth it. Seeing the kids enjoy themselves, enjoy each other, enjoy the outdoors… I would do it again in a heartbeat. (And will!)

There were some trials, but when aren’t there, with little ones? The worst was my own mess; tipping my pot full of delicious beef, garlic, & rosemary stew right into the firepit. I think I only pouted for a few hours (well done me), and managed not to resort to tears, temper tantrums, or throwing myself into the fire. S’mores do have incredible restorative qualities.

We also had an incredible foggy morning at the beach. Not much swimming, as the water was pretty chilly, but plenty of beach combing resulted in a grand beach fort. I just love the foggy photographs!

But my favorite photographs are, without a doubt, the ones that show the love, the connections between the mamas and their children. That show the amazing, considerate, kind, and playful kids all playing together, looking after each other.  And, even a month later, editing all these photographs has made me really focus in on those moments.

So thank you, everyone. You’ve made a vacation to remember!

-Kathryn @ The Artsy Rooster Studio

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